Our bikes might have changed through the years but our love of riding hasn’t, in fact it just keeps growing. From the days of chasing each other around the neighbourhood streets playing bike tag to riding across Canada you might say our passion for cycling is in our DNA.

My first “serious” ride was a fully-loaded tour, complete with a cast-iron frying pan for meals. The eggs were great in the morning but that was the last time I packed cast-iron in the panniers. I found a nice light stainless steel set for a trip through the Icefields Parkway many years later.

Fast forward to 2001 when I saw an advertisement for a 9 week cycling tour across Canada. The minute my boss said I could have the time off I was committed. It will alwIronmanays be one of the best rides of my life as this is where I met my wife. You might say our two sons were ‘born from the bike’.

Now a busy dad I stay closer to home and enjoy long rides in the Southern Ontario countryside and racing in triathlons.

We started Nobonk to bring personalized design and performance gear to the cycling community. We hope you enjoy your Nobonk gear as much as we enjoyed creating it!

Passions…  cycling, running, triathlon, design, music, internet, travel.

Sums me up… dad. husband. athlete. 

Guilty pleasure…science fiction films (no matter how cheesy). 

When was your first triathlon… fall 2004.

Hardest thing you’ve ever done…cycle across Canada in 9 weeks.

Design inspiration… music, art, science and nature.

Favorites… pizza, red wine, salt & vinegar chips

What are your 7 answers?